TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
Name: Keisi of MarvelForest

Birth date:  December 17 2014
Sex:  Female
Father: Volnacoon Fandorin Mother: Cleo of MarvelForest


MaleVolnacoon Fandorin
August 13 2014
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched
Wild West Perfect Cat
January 01 1970
Maine Coon, black tabby mack
MaleKansas Perfect Cat
Maine Coon, n 03 23
FemaleA Winerau's Xenia
Maine Coon, f 22
FemaleVolnacoon Anjelina Funny
Maine Coon, black tabby blotched / white
Maine Coon, n 03 22
FemaleYurmala Afonya Coon
Maine Coon, fs 22
FemaleCleo of MarvelForest
January 30 2013
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
MaleCountry Gulliver's Respect
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
Title: Ch.
MaleLangstteich's H'Extra Class-Blue
Maine Coon, a
FemaleSally Maryland "By
Maine Coon, ns 22
FemaleMamba SamaraCoon*Rus
Maine Coon, blue tabby blotched
MaleBuyan Russiancoon *RU
Maine Coon, ns 22
Title: Int.Ch.
FemaleForestPride Inkeri
Maine Coon, ns 09 23
Title: Int.Ch