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Name: Salexcoon Barbara (retired)

Birth date:  November 21 2010
Color:  blue white
Status: Sold to Betty from Cortland, NY
Sex:  Female
Breeder:  Musina Olga
Father: Simbasa's Kalimero PP Mother: Salexcoon Destiny

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Additional information: 
Barbara is now retired and looking for best home. I think $600 for her should be fair.

Barbara is very sensitive and caring; she behaves very catlike, simultaneously showing unwavering craving for inner freedom and irresistible tenderness for people. From the very first day this cat strongly needs the personal space, which later has become the foundation of her strong and decisive character, Barbara helps to protect her own territory from tirelessly frolicking kittens and cats. It is impossible to say that this cat does not like fun and games, but more often you can see her lying down or sitting in comfortable position, staring out of the window and talking to the passers-by and birds. At such time she looks very funny and lively. Twitching her tail is a sign of interest, and every time Barbara gets closer to the window, to see better what is going on. Scurrying from side to side fish in the aquarium can also leave her indifferent; they can distract her from the daily bustle for a long time.

Wherever Barbara is, she gives a sense of peace and tranquility. Despite the love of solitude and isolation, she enjoys spending time surrounded by those whom she loves. Seating on the knees she quickly relaxes and goes into a sweet slumber, with her nose buried in the armpit. Barbara responds immediately on the manifestations of attention and affection, calling not to stop stroking and scratching and she is purring with great pleasure. Hazel eyes are slowly closing and the baby goes to sleep, occasionally pulling her large shaggy paws, thus showing that she loves such pastime.

Maine coons have strong intuition and flexible mind, but Barbara is superior to these characteristics. She has a very vivid facial expression with the help of which she masterfully conveys her mood to the interlocutor. Asking a question it is enough just to look at her little face to get sympathy, support or even the explanation of a particular action. If Barbara is outraged, you are sure to hear her discontented grumbling but it is so funny and touching.

In addition she loves our children. She gladly plays with the kids, talking to them on her language and easily forgives them small pranks. During this dialogue Barbara becomes more responsible and caring cat, looking for those that kids do not hurt themselves during their games. If the kids have gone to different corners of the apartment, Barbara starts to be nervous, unable to choose – where she should go.

Barbara is the second cat who has come to us from the distant Urals from the cattery Salexcoon, for which we are very grateful to Olga and Alex.


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