TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS

Litters of DreamCoon

Litter "SVV" April 05 2023      


female Virginia of DreamCoon

Virginia of DreamCoon
Reserved by Luz from Washington, DC

male Vegas of DreamCoon

Vegas of DreamCoon
Reserved by Samantha from Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania

Litter "K" March 24 2023      


female DreamCoon Kalee

DreamCoon Kalee
Reserved by Grecian from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Kent Din

DreamCoon Kent Din
Sold to Sarah from St Leonard, Maryland

Litter "MJX" March 18 2023      


female Selenia

Reserved by Victoria from Washington, DC

female Helia

Reserved by Lisa from North Attleboro, Massachusetts

male Lanthanum

Reserved by Cristina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

male Radium

Reserved by Marilyn from Germantown, Maryland

Litter "I" February 27 2023      



Litter "H" February 26 2023      


female DreamCoon Homecoming Queen

DreamCoon Homecoming Queen
Sold to Kelsey from Annapolis, Maryland

male DreamCoon Hotel California

DreamCoon Hotel California
Reserved by Gabriel from Buenos Aires, Argentina

male DreamCoon Hey Jude

DreamCoon Hey Jude
Reserved by Barbara from Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Litter "K" February 10 2023      


male DreamCoon Kuriimu Pawaa

DreamCoon Kuriimu Pawaa
Reserved by Kimberly from Virginia Beach, Virginia

female DreamCoon Kariko Houseki

DreamCoon Kariko Houseki
Reserved by Robert from Colchester, Vermont

female DreamCoon Kimiko Haiiroao

DreamCoon Kimiko Haiiroao
Reserved by Amalia from Malverne, New York

female DreamCoon Kaori Aoiro

DreamCoon Kaori Aoiro
Reserved by Cheyenne from Mechanicsville, Maryland

Litter "F" February 06 2023      


female DreamCoon Fiona Amber

DreamCoon Fiona Amber
Sold to Jamie from Henrico, Virginia

male DreamCoon Fendi Silver

DreamCoon Fendi Silver
Sold to Amalia from Malverne, New York

male DreamCoon Filly Golden

DreamCoon Filly Golden
Sold to Daniel from Poquoson, Virginia

Litter "J" February 01 2023      


male DreamCoon Fathom

DreamCoon Fathom
Sold to Mark from Chicago, Illinois

male DreamCoon Fearless

DreamCoon Fearless
Sold to Deborah from Nothingham, Maryland

male DreamCoon Fight PP

DreamCoon Fight PP
Sold to Jared from Columbus, Ohio

male DreamCoon Force PP

DreamCoon Force PP
Sold to Maria from Martinsburg, West Virginia

Litter "H" January 31 2023      



Litter "G" January 26 2023      


male DreamCoon Günther

DreamCoon Günther
Reserved by Julia from Reston, Virginia

female DreamCoon Gertruda Schöne

DreamCoon Gertruda Schöne
Reserved by Rachel from Virginia beach, Virginia

Litter "BA" January 11 2023      


female DreamCoon Bazilia

DreamCoon Bazilia
Sold to Vaolrie from Pittsboro, North Carolina

Litter "MJX" December 29 2022      


male Xovi

Sold to Steve

female Xenia Black

Xenia Black
Sold to Jordan from Superior, Wisconsin

Litter "E" December 21 2022      



LItter "BME" December 12 2022      



Litter "D" December 04 2022      


male DreamCoon Darth Vader

DreamCoon Darth Vader
Sold to Alexandra from Chandler, Arizona

male DreamCoon Dew the Blue Bunny

DreamCoon Dew the Blue Bunny
Sold to Christine from North Chesterfield, Virginia

male DreamCoon Dioxide

DreamCoon Dioxide
Sold to Alexandra from Chandler, Arizona

male DreamCoon Danny Stripes

DreamCoon Danny Stripes
Sold to Jessica from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

male DreamCoon Dunkel Stout

DreamCoon Dunkel Stout
Sold to Barbara from Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Litter "B" November 27 2022      


male DreamCoon Bamboo Beer

DreamCoon Bamboo Beer
Sold to Barbara from Bushkill, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Billa

DreamCoon Billa
Sold to Kelly from Colonial Heights, Virginia

Litter "D" November 26 2022      


male DreamCoon Dušan

DreamCoon Dušan
Sold to Matthew and Jaclyn from Hamilton, Ohio

male DreamCoon Dobromil

DreamCoon Dobromil
Sold to Elijah from Henrico, Virginia

Litter "KPD" November 15 2022      


female Smokey Aqua

Smokey Aqua
Sold to Shannon from Montevallo, Alabama

male Shadow Element

Shadow Element
Sold to Stephen from Coraopolis,Pennsylvania

Litter "C" November 10 2022      


male DreamCoon Christopher Coon

DreamCoon Christopher Coon
Sold to Laurie from Lynchburg, Virginia

male DreamCoon Character T

DreamCoon Character T
Sold to Clayton from Newport News, Virginia

male DreamCoon Cider

DreamCoon Cider
Sold to Jocelyn from Midlothian, Virginia

LItter "E" November 07 2022      


male DreamCoon E-motion

DreamCoon E-motion
Sold to Hannah from Humble, Texas

male DreamCoon Energo

DreamCoon Energo
Sold to Tub from Hagerstown, Maryland

male DreamCoon Enrizio

DreamCoon Enrizio
Sold to Patrick from Havertown, Pennsylvania

female DreamCoon Erica Doll

DreamCoon Erica Doll
Sold to Laura from Chesterfield, Virginia

male DreamCoon Erazer

DreamCoon Erazer
Sold to Tub from Hagerstown, Maryland

Litter "B" November 01 2022      


male DreamCoon Bonjourno

DreamCoon Bonjourno
Sold to Cheryl from Stephen's City, Virginia

male DreamCoon Butter

DreamCoon Butter
Sold to Tasha from Springfield, Virginia

male DreamCoon Bingo!

DreamCoon Bingo!
Sold to Falon from Bealeton, Virginia

Litter "A" October 28 2022      


female DreamCoon Asia

DreamCoon Asia
Sold to Kahara from Madison, Wisconsin

Litter "MJW" October 26 2022      



Litter "V" October 24 2022      


male DreamCoon Vlad the Black

DreamCoon Vlad the Black
Sold to Josie from New Jersey

female DreamCoon Veronica Narnia

DreamCoon Veronica Narnia
Sold to Caitlin from Chesterfield, Virginia

female DreamCoon Vanilla Silver

DreamCoon Vanilla Silver
Sold to Colin from Purcellville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Vago

DreamCoon Vago
Sold to Sylvia from L'Anse, Michigan

male DreamCoon Vigo

DreamCoon Vigo
Sold to Sylvia from L'Anse, Michigan

female DreamCoon Varnava

DreamCoon Varnava
Sold to Shannon from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Vanessa Peachee

DreamCoon Vanessa Peachee
Sold to Shannon from Richmond, Virginia

male DreamCoon Vux

DreamCoon Vux
Sold to Wesley from Falls Church, Virginia

male DreamCoon Vix

DreamCoon Vix
Sold to Elena from Ashburn, Virginia's

Litter "MJV" October 10 2022      



Litter "MJU" October 10 2022      


male Urugu

Sold to Ryan from Marblehead, Massachusetts

Litter "FLA" October 03 2022      


male DreamCoon Freud

DreamCoon Freud
Sold to Brandon from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Frodo II

DreamCoon Frodo II
Sold to Barbara from Boston

Litter "VV" September 20 2022      


male DreamCoon Vertum

DreamCoon Vertum
Sold to Dorothea from Midlothian, Virginia

male DreamCoon Viber

DreamCoon Viber
Sold to Christopher from Raleigh, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Vanson

DreamCoon Vanson
Sold to Sawyer from Blythewood, South Carolina

Litter "V" August 19 2022      


male DreamCoon Valvo

DreamCoon Valvo
Sold to Jason from Virginia Beach, Virginia

male DreamCoon Verman Dude

DreamCoon Verman Dude
Sold to Mark from Richmond, Virginia

female DreamCoon Venti (Freya)

DreamCoon Venti (Freya)
Sold to Susan from Creekmoore, North Carolina

male DreamCoon Vroom Argentum

DreamCoon Vroom Argentum
Sold to Jordan from Washington, DC

male DreamCoon Van der Silver

DreamCoon Van der Silver
Sold to Randy from Greensboro, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Virginia

DreamCoon Virginia
Sold to Rachel from Alexandira, Virginia

Litter "R" August 15 2022      


male DreamCoon Palmer

DreamCoon Palmer
Sold to Maria from Falling Waters, West Virginia

male DreamCoon Polar PP

DreamCoon Polar PP
Sold to Dunia from Crofton, Maryland

Litter "U" August 14 2022      


male DreamCoon Unic

DreamCoon Unic
Sold to Valerie from Roanoke, Virginia

male DreamCoon Usuri

DreamCoon Usuri
Sold to Nina

female DreamCoon Udmurtia

DreamCoon Udmurtia
Sold to Kathy frm Queenstown, Maryland

male DreamCoon Urals

DreamCoon Urals
Sold to Noah from Charlotte, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Umaiza

DreamCoon Umaiza
Sold to Anne from Winchester, Virginia

female DreamCoon Un Jardin

DreamCoon Un Jardin
Sold to Randy from Greensboro, North Carolina

female DreamCoon Ulta

DreamCoon Ulta
Sold to Debbie from Gloucester, Virginia

male DreamCoon Union Market

DreamCoon Union Market
Sold to Philip from Dauphin Island, Alabama

female DreamCoon Umina

DreamCoon Umina
Sold to Penny from Bernville, Pennsylvania

Litter "U" August 07 2022      


female DreamCoon Uverture

DreamCoon Uverture
Sold to Luis from Falls Church, Virginia

female DreamCoon Uma Polar

DreamCoon Uma Polar
Sold to Mickel from King George, Virginia

female DreamCoon Unina

DreamCoon Unina
Sold to Leslie from Clermont, Florida

Litter "N" July 24 2022      


male DreamCoon Nazzaro

DreamCoon Nazzaro
Sold to Xiandan from Flushing, New York

male DreamCoon Neopolitano

DreamCoon Neopolitano
Sold to Cheyenne from Westminster, Maryland

Litter "T" July 05 2022      


male DreamCoon Timathy

DreamCoon Timathy
Sold to Penny from Bernville, Pennsylvania

male DreamCoon Thunder Shade

DreamCoon Thunder Shade
Sold to Elizabeth from Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Litter "O" June 27 2022      


male DreamCoon Ocalot

DreamCoon Ocalot
Sold to Nikolay from Morgantown, West Virginia

female DreamCoon Oceania

DreamCoon Oceania
Sold to Valerie from West Monroe, Louisiana

male DreamCoon Omni

DreamCoon Omni
Sold to Norma from Centreville, Virginia

male DreamCoon Ontario Cake

DreamCoon Ontario Cake
Sold to Ava from Las Cruces, New Mexico

female DreamCoon Occana

DreamCoon Occana
Sold to Heint Je from Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Litter "M" June 26 2022      


male DreamCoon Mercuri

DreamCoon Mercuri
Option to Robinlynn from Springfield, Virginia

female DreamCoon Melanesia PP

DreamCoon Melanesia PP
Reserved by Kimberly from Chester, Virginia

Litter "R" June 23 2022      


male DreamCoon Rocky Patel

DreamCoon Rocky Patel
Sold to Ralph from Chester, Virginia

Litter "MV" June 14 2022      


male DreamCoon Mandarin

DreamCoon Mandarin
Sold to Joan from Sedona, Arizona

Litter "VA" June 10 2022      


female Only Calico of DreamCoon

Only Calico of DreamCoon
Sold to Shirley from San Diego, California

female Olivia Tyger of DreamCoon

Olivia Tyger of DreamCoon
Sold to Shawna from St. Petersburg

female Ofelia of DreamCoon

Ofelia of DreamCoon
Sold to Heint Je from Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

female Orea of DreamCoon

Orea of DreamCoon
Sold to Randy from Ciudad de México, Mexico

Litter "LBB" June 03 2022      


male Lb1


Litter "AKA" May 30 2022      


male Nemo

Sold to Shannon from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

male Lex

Sold to Shannon from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

female Lia

Sold to Yu from Buffalo, New York

Litter "MJU" May 02 2022      



Litter "MJT" April 28 2022      


female Tonya

Sold to Joe from New Hampshire

Littrer "B-PP" December 28 2021      



Litter "MJ1" May 01 2021      



Litter MJ-1       


female Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday
Stay whith us

"Available" kitten looking for his master, you can buy a kitten Maine Coon
"Option" kitten interested in, but he can still be free
"Reserved" for a kitten the advance payment is paid
"Sold" kitten found a loving home
"Stay whith us" kitten stays with us

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